YidLife Crisis by Eli Batalion & Jamie Elman


I just watched the first episode of the new web series YidLife Crisis: by Montrealers Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman. The series of five-minute videos promising “Sex, drugs, milk and meat. All in Yiddish,” is absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

The Times of Israel did a great piece on the series, it’s worth a read.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Eli several times over the past 15 years on various projects including theatre (JOB: The Hip Hop Musical) and film (The Legend of Beaver Damn). Both were in partnership with the equally talented Jerome Sable. Their recent feature slasher musical, Stage Fright, featuring Meat Loaf, was released in May of this year. Check out this exclusive interview in We’ve Got This Covered

I am so proud to have worked with such a comic genius, congrats Eli, looking forward to watching the rest of the series!

Journaliste culturel | Arts Reporter

Josée at ICI Radio Canada

Journaliste culturel – Pas aussi évident qu’on le croit!

Quand est venu le temps de faire mes études poste-secondaires, j’hésitais entre la musique et la radio/télévision. J’ai enfin fini par choisir la musique, mais parfois je souhaite avoir eu le choix de faire les deux. J’aurais vraiment aimé être animatrice d’une émission de radio ou journaliste culturelle. Eh bien, ce matin mon rêve s’est réalisé. J’ai participé à l’émission de la rentrée à ICI Radio-Canada Première. J’ai fait une chronique à Y’a pas deux matins pareils sur comment éviter le TIFF. Quelle belle expérience! Vous pouvez l’entendre sur leur site en cliquant sur la chronique de 6 h 445 à:

En tant que relationniste, j’ai quand même beaucoup d’expérience avec les médias, mais je suis la plupart du temps en arrière-scène. Cependant, en tant qu’artiste et musicienne, j’ai fait plusieurs entrevues au cours des années. Mais, cette fois, ce fut fort intéressant de devoir préparer une chronique plutôt que de donner une entrevue. Un tout petit trois minutes a pris presque 3 heures de recherche et préparation! Ce n’est pas aussi évident qu’on le croit! J’ai relu mon texte à haute voix des dizaines de fois pour m’assurer d’avoir l’air naturelle en ondes. L’animateur Yves-Gérard Méhou-loko a été merveilleux. Il a complètement embarqué dans le sujet ce qui a créé une atmosphère conviviale et m’a permis de relaxer et de m’amuser. Je n’ai pas eu le temps d’avoir le trac!

Un gros merci à Marjorie Roulman, Carl Bouchard, Serge Olivier, Manon Côté, Vincent Chénier et bien sûr Yves-Gérard Méhou-loko. La prochaine fois que Marjorie doit s’absenter, donnez-moi donc un p’tit coup de fil, moi je suis prête à recommencer demain matin, mais peut-être pas à 6 h 40!
Eh bien là, il faut que j’aille me coucher. Je ne sais vraiment pas comment ils font ces personnalités du matin!

Josée at ICI Radio Canada

Arts reporter – Not as easy as you think!

When it came time to pursue my post-secondary studies, I hesitated between music and radio & television arts. I finally ended up choosing music, but sometimes I wish I could have done both. I would have loved to be the host of a radio show or an arts reporter. Well, this morning my dream came true. I took part in ICI Radio-Canada’s season opening morning show Y’a pas deux matins pareils. I did a column on how to avoid TIFF. What a great experience! You can hear it on their website by clicking on the following link and scrolling to the 6 h 45 mark:

As a publicist, I’ve had a lot of experience with the media, but I am usually behind the scenes. As an artist and musician however, I have done several interviews over the years. But, this time it was very interesting to have to prepare a column rather than give an interview. A tiny three minutes took nearly 3 hours of research and preparation! It’s not as easy as it looks! I read my text out loud dozens of times to make sure I would sound natural on air. The host, Yves-Gerard Méhou-loko, was wonderful. He totally got into the subject matter, which created a very friendly atmosphere and allowed me to relax and have fun. I did not have time to be nervous!

A big thank you to Marjorie Roulman Carl Bouchard, Serge Olivier, Manon Côté, Vincent Chenier and of course Yves-Gerard Méhou-loko. Next time Marjorie is away, give me a call, I’ll be there with bells on, but perhaps not at 6:40 AM!

OK, I’m going back to bed now. I have no idea how those morning radio people do it!

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Wychwood Barns – Art Market


Wychwood Barns - Art Market


Hello and bonjour!

I’m happy to announce that I will have a booth at the Barns Art Market this Saturday, May 24. It will take place during the Farmer’s Market at the Wychwood Barns from 9AM to 2PM. It also happens to fall on Doors Open, one of my favourite Toronto events! Details above.

For your information, I have made mini prints of some of my artwork, 18 in total. I’m REALLY happy with the results. They are printed with archival inks, on museum quality paper. I mounted them on wood panels (6″ X 6″ and 5″ X 7″) with brightly painted sides. They look fabulous! I’ll be selling them at the Barns Art Market for only $25 each. A real bargoon! I’ll be uploading images to my website soon.

Also, I am super excited about my brand new solo show coming up at the Runnymede Library: Meditations & Beautiful Distractions. The opening is on Saturday, May 31 from 1-4 PM,hopefully you can drop by and say hello. The exhibit runs to June 30. Details below.

Thanks so much for your continued support, I look forward to seeing soon, au plaisir de vous voir bientôt!