Christopher Hoile: Stage-Door.com

In my 20 years as a theatre critic I have encountered no publicist more pleasant to work with than Josée Duranleau.  Not only is she unfailingly friendly and helpful, but her preparation of materials leading up to and after a performance is always impeccable.  Should any difficulty arise, I know I can depend on Josée to find a solution.  It’s hard to think of the various groups Josée represents withs without thinking of the positive personal impression she always makes.

~ Christopher Hoile: Editor and Theatre Critic for stage-door.com, Columnist and Music Critic for The WholeNote, Toronto Correspondent for Opera News, Member Toronto Theatre Critics Association

“The media relations services provided by Josée Duranleau over the years have been exceptional. She is a results-driven creative thinker who maintains a close rapport with media contacts. Josée’s personable yet professional demeanor makes her a pleasure to work with.”

~ Marilyn Hamilton: Director of Marketing – Young People’s Theatre

Young People's Theatre logo

Young People’s Theatre

Théâtre français de Toronto

Théâtre français de Toronto

Josée Duranleau is insightful, committed and effective. She always tries to understand the artistic project that precedes the production, in order to connect the artists with the right media. It’s rare and it’s precious for an artistic director.

~ Joël Beddows: Artistic Director, Théâtre français de Toronto

“Josée Duranleau caught my eye when she got my french girlfriend, who was part of an ensemble cast doing a French play in Toronto a 1/3 of a page feature in the Toronto Star with a huge picture and her name in 48 pt type…  you know the size of type that usually only comes with a murder conviction attached to it. I thought, “wow, last time i checked the Toronto Star was an English paper, this Duranleau Communications must be some convinquante”. So I met with Josee, was charmed by her vision and get it done approach.  I was also impressed with her frankness.  When I told her our strategy, she said, “it’s all wrong”.  We went through it, she understood why we choose the direction and she executed brilliantly…with English and French media. She got tremendous results and had to fight for them and she was always a pleasure to work with. Manteca has worked extensively with public relations firms in the US and Canada for 35 years and without reservation Josée Duranleau is one of the absolute best.”

~ Matt Zimbel: Musician/Producer – www.mattzimbel.com | www.manteca-music.com

Matt Zimbel

Matt Zimbel & Manteca – Musician, Producer

Patricia Cano

Patricia Cano: singer-songwriter and actress

Working with Josée Duranleau for the launch of my second album was a real pleasure! Josée was able to establish a professional and personal working relationship, which allowed for an ultra efficient exchange and sharing of ideas, and action plan. Her network of contacts is well developed and we worked together to target not only the French and English media, but also the Spanish-speaking media, with great success. The presentation of the promotional material received by all of her contacts was of the highest quality, as was the final report that Josée gave me. She is thorough in her work, but her main asset is especially that of communication between her and the artist, which facilitates a very promising working relationship.”

Patricia Cano: singer-songwriter and actress

“Josée Duranleau is a rock star of a publicist. She is efficient, attentive to detail without being obsessive and always accommodating in order for us to review the companies she represents. She’s a total joy to work with.”

Lynn Slotkin: Theatre Critic, The Slotkin Letter, CIUT FRIDAY MORNING 89.5 FM, and the Slotkin and Fisher at the Theatre podcast

Lynn Slotkin

Lynn Slotkin – Theatre Critic

Kevin Sweet

Kevin Sweet – Radio-Canada/CBC

“Josée Duranleau is an extremely reliable publicist who regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her clients and the media she works with. She promptly answers e-mails, phone calls and text messages and always remains calm and cool under pressure. If she isn’t always 100% sure she can get something done, you can rest assured that she is giving her 150% to try and make it happen.”

~ Kevin Sweet: arts reporter for Radio-Canada/CBC.

“Josée Duranleau has been the publicist for Pleiades Theatre for many years. She has never failed us and we have always been enormously grateful, impressed and pleased by her ability to get the press corps to pay attention to what we do. Ms. Duranleau enjoys an especially cordial and trustworthy relationship with the drama critics of the Toronto media and we always say that if Josée can’t get them to come out, no one can. We attribute this to her winning personality, her polished professionalism and her sincere love of the art of theatre. Both the press and the people know and trust her when she speaks for us as our Publicist. This makes all the difference in the world.”

~ John Van Burek: Artistic Director, Pleiades Theatre – www.pleiadestheatre.org

Pleiades Theatre

Pleiades Theatre

Michel Létourneau

Michel Létourneau
CEO of Groupe Impact Conseil

I had the pleasure of working with Josée Duranleau while I was Director of Communications and Production at the Faculty of Music at McGill University. Her professionalism, her availability, her kindness and her impressive network of contacts were of great use to us. If the concert of the McGill Symphony Orchestra at Korner Hall was so successful, we owe much of it to Josée’s work. She is undoubtedly an essential ally when one wishes to make their mark in the Toronto market. I recommend her it without reservation.

~ Michel Létourneau: CEO of Groupe Impact Conseil and RH Vision in Montréal

“Josée Duranleau is one of those rare publicists… she gets back to you quickly, gives you all the info to make my job as a host easy and always presents a clear precise package of every show she is working on. She is a joy to work with.”

~ Pearse Murray: Host at 103.9 Proud FM

PROUD FM 103.9

103.9 Proud FM

Hari Krishnan

inDANCE & Hari Krishnan – Artistic Director, Choreographer

“inDANCE has had the privilege of working with Josée Duranleau on many occasions. It is directly due to Josée’s skills as an ace publicist that resulted in the company receiving major press from all over the GTA area. She is a delight to work with. She is an exceptionally intelligent, conscientious, and highly motivated publicist. Throughout my experiences with her, she conveys a professional presence and charisma that draws the press to her with her highly talented skills and public persona. Her work ethic, efficiency, attention to detail, and overall organizational skills continue to amaze and inspire all of us at inDANCE.”

~ Hari Krishnan: Artistic Director, inDANCE – www.indance.ca

Josée is very efficient and extremely clear as to her strategy. She identifies key areas to focus on and gets the work done in a timely fashion. She sends regular updates and always follows up before and after an interview. Her experience working with the French Media and the African and Caribbean community was a great asset for the two productions she worked on. The result was great coverage from the media including the French press and radio, Rogers TV, OMNI and the TorontoStar. Her professionalism and her work ethic are the reason why she is our trusted publicist! She’s truly a SuperWoman: the most professional and super organized EVER!

~ Lua Shayenne: Founder, choreographer, dancer – Lua Shayenne & Co. – www.luashayenne.com/

Lua Shayenne

Lua Shayenne – Choreographer, Dancer

Sable & Batalion

Sable & Batalion – Directors, Producers

“We worked with Josée for over 10 years for theatre and film projects and there’s several good reasons why – she consistently scored great publicity through her well-established media network, provided a personalized and tailored approach to projects of all shapes and sizes, is always ready to go the extra mile and take on new publicity challenges, and has been nothing but a pleasure to work with time and time again.”

~ Jerome Sable & Eli Batalion: Sable & Batalion | www.stumpysam.com

“Josée’s PR service can be described with one word: Terrific! I’ve worked with Duranleau Communications for three major productions including the award-winning musical “i Think i Can” at Young People’s Theatre. Because of Josée, I’ve had exceptional success appearing in all the key newspapers and doing live broadcast interviews on the major networks. More importantly, those appearances directly increased box-office receipts, created buzz in the city, and boosted attendance to each of my productions. At the end of the day, Josée knows not just how to get you publicity, but WHERE you should be seen for maximum exposure to get the results you want. Terrific!”

~ Shawn Byfield: Award Winning Choreographer – ShawnByfield.com

Shawn Byfield

Shawn Byfield – Award Winning Choreographer

Marilo Nunez - Alameda Theatre Company

Marilo Nuñez – Alameda Theatre Company

“I had the pleasure of working with Josée over the course of five years, while I was the Artistic Director of Alameda Theatre Company. Her passion for theatre, her support of the arts and her friendly manner really helped us (a small independent theatre organization) to achieve recognition and credibility with the local media outlets. One summer, due to budget cutbacks, we could not hire Josée for our annual festival. We really, really felt her loss! We worked really hard to not have that scenario happen again! Extra grant writing was worth it! We loved Josée!”

~ Marilo Nuñez: Producer and former Artistic Director – Alameda Theatre Company