“Josee Duranleau caught my eye when she got my french girlfriend, who was part of an ensemble cast doing a French play in Toronto a 1/3 of a page feature in the Toronto Star with a huge picture and her name in 48 pt type…  you know the size of type that usually only comes with a murder conviction attached to it. I thought, “wow, last time i checked the Toronto Star was an English paper, this Duranleau Communications must be some convinquante”. So I met with Josee, was charmed by her vision and get it done approach.  I was also impressed with her frankness.  When I told her our strategy, she said, “it’s all wrong”.  We went through it, she understood why we choose the direction and she executed brilliantly…with English and French media. She got tremendous results and had to fight for them and she was always a pleasure to work with. Manteca has worked extensively with public relations firms in the US and Canada for 35 years and without reservation Josee Duranleau is one of the absolute best.”

~ Matt Zimbel, Musician/Producer – www.mattzimbel.com | www.manteca-music.com